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EXT. Portland City Center - NIGHT


I wanted to beef up my own brand awareness amongst PDX advertising companies. The result was an anomaly, like literally. My website blew up in visitors.


Total media buy: 

Printing: $10.87 

Tape: $2.99

Thumbtacks: $1.25





  • Within 24 hours traffic to skyrocketed from an average of 5 visitors/week to 90 unique visitors/week and that number keeps growing at an increasing rate(google analytics)

  • The posters were shared via Instagram by both agency employees and random passers-by that tagged @thecopymatt and in some cases used the hashtag #iamthetaquito

  • Followers to @thecopymatt increased by 30% in the first week.

  • I received messages from insiders of 2 agencies that their offices were talking about "The Taquito"

  • I put a grin on a couple construction workers faces



Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 4.19.00 PM.png
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