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Who the heck am I?

I am a go-getter who has gone and done a lot of things.


Here are a few things I’ve done: I have been a New York actor, even got myself on a soap opera. I worked in entertainment where I influenced the outcome of a handful of feature films. I've been the frontman of a pop-rock band and made it to the finals of a battle of the bands competition. I ran a marathon, well within my goal time. 

At the moment I am going after opportunities to collaborate with other go-getters. Good folks that are passionate about what they do and are always trying to top their last performance. Folks that see ‘normal’ as simply a starting place to drive change. Folks that look forward to the unknown and define new limits. New standard setters, so to speak. 


Sound like you? Awesome! Lets chat.


(347) 834-4182

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